Industrial Experience

HQ-Dielectrics® GmbH is a team of high level semiconductor and engineering professionals from various industries and globally leading companies. We have accumulated broad experience covering multiple business sectors, like

  • Semiconductor equipment and chip manufacturing,
  • Plasma generation and application,
  • Rapid thermal processing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing automation,
  • Inspection equipment,
  • Automotive chip manufacturing,
  • Photovoltaics production, and equipment,
  • Research institutes,
  • Universities,
  • Training
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Selected Projects

HQ-Dielectrics® participates in public funded projects:

Country Entity Value Chain Focus
Europe European project WAYTOGO FAST Technology development Interlayer dielectrics for FDSOI applications
Europe European project SEA4KET Technology development System development for dedicated compound semiconductor technology
Europe European project Supertheme System, process and device technology Process variations and simulation
Europe European project EEM450PR Feasibility study System development for 450 mm substrates
Europe European project SEAL Technology development system development for dedicated Si technology
Germany / Bavaria Innovation award Software development System control software and graphical user interface
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Selection of Publications and Conference Contributions

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